USound and seltech logos announcing cooperation


USound and SELTECH join forces to turn the audio industry upside down with MEMS microspeakers

USound and seltech logos announcing cooperation

Graz, December 4th, 2019 – Austrian microspeaker company USound, known for the excellence in MEMS audio solutions, has joined forces with global distributor and solution provider SELTECH. The common goal is to turn upside down the international audio industry and bring the latest acoustic innovations to the market.

SELTECH is highly committed to the cooperation due to USound’s leading role in advancing MEMS microspeaker technology worldwide. USound’s microspeakers will be distributed in SELTECH vast global network starting this November.

This cooperation is yet another step in SELTECH’s and USound’s history of achievements. Both companies have a record of providing high-end audio solutions and working with top-notch partners. Only last year, USound signed a multi-million dollar deal with 3nod acoustic link and has recently launched its B2C brand, Fauna audio eyewear.

With more than 30 years of expertise in Acoustics and Sensors, SELTECH operates in Europe (France / Germany) the United States (Raleigh / San Francisco), China (Nanjing / Shenzhen), as well as Hong Kong and Singapore. Providing technical support, SELTECH also develops mechanical assemblies and customised solutions.

With their special construction and design, USound’s speakers excel in clarity and naturalness of sound. This vivid audio quality creates an immersive sound experience for audiophiles around the globe. With this advanced sound solution that combines high-quality audio and countless design possibilities, USound enables tackling the challenges found in many modern audio devices.

About USound:

USound is a fast-growing audio company offering high-performance silicon speakers and high-quality sound solutions based on MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) technology, safeguarded by over 150 filed patents. With its offices in Graz, Vienna, Shanghai and Shenzhen, USound serves international customers, enabling them to create smart audio applications with MEMS speakers. Learn more on


As an international solution provider since 1989, SELTECH is well known for its presence in the electronics market in the fields of Acoustics (micro-speakers, loudspeakers, dynamic receivers, microphones, balanced armature receivers, specialty transducers, boom & microphone assemblies from historical partner Knowles Corporation), Sensors (proximity, touch and multi-functional sensors from Azoteq) and digital signal processing (pre-configured and open-programmable DSPs from ON Semiconductor). Learn more on