Products and reference designs

USound develops MEMS audio solutions and offers a variety of products and reference designs. Our intent is to showcase how MEMS technology can be implemented in modern personal audio applications and to provide our customers with ideas that awe their customers. Learn more about our core speakers, our innovative development kits and innovative reference designs.

MEMS speakers

USound’s silicon MEMS microspeakers with their compact size of 4.7 × 6.7 × 1.6 mm are ideal for in-ear headphone designs, wearables such as true-wireless headsets.
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Reference designs


Megaclite is a pair of wired USB-C earphones based on USound’s MEMS microspeakers delivering a distinctive sound quality.
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Taygete is a pair of 3D surround sound headphones with 14 MEMS speakers and a pair of electrodynamic speakers integreated.
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Proteus is a design for a powerful speaker array based on our Ganymede MEMS microspeakers – with 40 or 80 speakers inside.
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Iocaste is a fully-integrated audio system that can be placed inside eyewear temples, e.g. in augmented reality and virtual reality goggles.
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Danube is USound’s audio module for both augmented reality and virtual reality glasses as well as regular frames.
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Leda is a power-efficient amplifier ASIC to drive a piezo MEMS speaker.
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Evaluation sets


Adap is optimised as a tweeter with high SPL above resonance. It has a higher resonance frequency than Achelous and due to its higher Q-factor the maximum SPL can be reached.
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Amalthea and Carme

Achelous provides higher excursion and more damping ideal for in-ear designs. In free-field, the resonance is lower than Adap, which allows a lower cross over frequency.
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