Products and reference designs

USound develops MEMS audio solutions and offers a variety of products and reference designs. Our intent is to showcase how MEMS technology can be implemented in modern personal audio applications and to provide our customers with ideas that awe their clients. Learn more about our core speakers, our innovative development kits and reference designs.

MEMS speakers

Ganymede MEMS speakers

Ganymede series

USound’s silicon MEMS microspeakers with their compact size of 4.7 × 6.7 × 1.6 mm are ideal for in-ear headphone designs, wearables such as audio glasses. MEMS speakers offer maximum flexibility for outstanding design approaches. Additionally, thanks to their wide bandwidth, it enables high-res audio applications.

Conamara series

The round MEMS speaker is USound’s next-generation micro speaker. Conamara is IPx8 waterproof with a highly competitive SPL and THD, making it the ideal choice for in-ear audio solutions such as wired earphones or true wireless systems (TWS).


Danube UAM-P2050

The Danube UAM-P2050 audio module provides the best-in-class ratio between great audio performance and the ideal mechanical characteristics to design high-end audio glasses and AR/VR glasses.

Fauna audio eyewear produces vivid sound - powered by USound MEMS technology.

Danube UAM-P2050 use case: Fauna audio glasses

Fauna audio glasses are powered by USound’s MEMS audio module Danube – in a lightweight, elegant design. With our two-way audio system integrated into each temple, Fauna produces vivid sound for music, audiobooks and phone calls.

Speakers array

Dione Maxi UY-R3020

The Dione sound stripe consists of 20 Adap MEMS speakers. Due to its flexible structure and protective construction, it is ideal for applications where audio is added on top of an existing design.

MEMS speaker array kit

Proteus 1.0 UY-E2010

Proteus is a design for a powerful speaker array based on our Ganymede MEMS microspeakers — with 40 or 80 speakers inside.

Earphones and 3D audio solutions

Megaclite 4.0 UH-R2040

Megaclite is a pair of wired USB-C earphones based on our MEMS speaker Achelous, delivering a distinctive sound quality that differentiates from balanced armature and electrodynamic earphone designs. Bass response is clean and strong – all with an innovative, comfortable ear bud design.

Taygete UY-R1040

This novel 3D headphone design enables authentic 3D sound thanks to the bridge of 16 MEMS micro speakers and an electrodynamic woofer in each cup. It also includes a unique algorithm which allows real-time 3D sound.

Evaluation kits

USound's Amalthea and Carme, an amplifier with speaker box for evalution purposes

Amalthea UA-R3010

Amalthea is a linear amplifier for piezoelectric speakers. Its frequency range goes up to 80kHz, and it can drive up to 40 Ganymede at once. Amalthea can be used with Carme, a speaker box designed to hold a USound’s Ganymede speakers. It is used to conveniently test the speaker’s performance.

MEMS speakers evaluation board helike

Helike UA-E3010

Helike UA-E3010 is our common application platform for evaluating rapid prototyping and to design audio solutions using USound devices. The board includes Digital Signal Processor, DAC, and Amplifiers. It is compatible with Raspberry Pi, Arduino and the ST Nucleo board.

Smart audio amplifier

UC-P2120 USound smart audio amplifier for MEMS speakers


UC-P2120 is a power-efficient smart audio amplifier designed specifically for MEMS speaker-based audio systems. Compared to out-of-the-shelf amplifiers, it reduces the number of external components needed, thus providing more space for other functionalities and optimizing overall power consumption. UC-P2120 has a digital I2S interface and configurable filter functions. UC-P2120 and our MEMS speakers are the perfect basis for a small yet high-performance audio module.