3D Headphones

Sound like you’ve never heard it before.

Taygete is a pair of headphones equipped with tweeter arrays surrounding the ears, amplifiers and a USB interface behaving as a 16-channels soundcard. As an evaluation kit, developers can implement and test own algorithms. Reaper session with pre-processed files demonstrating a 3D effect.

Feel the power of immersive 3D audio.

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Powerful sound engine

Taygete features a total of 14 high-performance built-in MEMS speakers and a pair of dynamic speakers controlled by an intelligent control unit as interface between soundcard and headphone.

Experiment and design

Basic DSP Software, open for further experimentation, for example for stereo enhancement, elevation experiments, sound source positioning, surround mapping for 5.1 and 7.1 and other audio formats.

Intelligent high-tech

Enhanced directional hearing, low power consumption and low heat emission, high-precision and high-efficiently industry-unique device.

Taygete offers an unbeatable sound experience


Taygete Brochure (465 KB)

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