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Proteus UY-E2010 DIY Kit

The Proteus UY-E2010 DIY kit is a design for a powerful speaker array based on our Adap MEMS speaker. Initially, to explore the possibilities of arranging a large quantity of MEMS speakers in arrays, it is now a full-fledged and working speaker, boasting clear and crisp audio.

What is included in the kit?


MEMS speaker array (Harpalyke 1.0 UY-R2010)

Amplifier (Amalthea UA-R3020)

Crank up your DIY game! Experiment with MEMS speaker arrays and create your own Hi-Fi audio systems. Download the data package and build your own version of our Proteus design. What you’ll mainly need:

More details available in the data package.

Proteus UY-E2010 DIY Kit


Experience the unmatched sound of MEMS speakers

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