MEMS Speaker Adap

Adap is a MEMS speaker that is ideal for free-field audio solutions such as wearables. Thanks to its small size and lightweight, Adap offers maximum flexibility for outstanding design approaches. As a speaker with a wide bandwidth, it enables high-res audio applications. Adap produces tangible, clear and rich sound, immersing the listener into their personal audio environment.


Our reference design for over-the-ear applications and 3D sound, Taygete, sparks awe with an immersive sound experience – especially for gaming applications.

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Our reference design for AR/VR glasses, Iocaste, demonstrates the power of audio transparency – listening to your surroundings while simultaneously enjoying top-quality music.

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Our compact and light-weight audio module for AR/VR glasses, Danube, is also implemented in Iocaste and ready to put in your wearable design – for the best sound in the smallest space.

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