ASIC amplifier
for MEMS speakers

Leda is a power-efficient amplifier ASIC to drive a piezo MEMS speaker supplied by a standard 3.7 V battery. It includes the filter functions required to support the audio characteristics of the USound piezo MEMS speaker, as well as to customize any filter characteristics an audio application may require. Control and setup is done through an I2S interface. Leda delivers a competitive solution with respect to size, power consumption and audio performance compared to an ASSP solution.

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  • 30 VPP voltage-boost driver stage for piezo MEMS speaker (mono)
  • Energy recovery system to reduce power consumption
  • Audio bandwidth, 20 Hz – 20 kHz
  • MEMS-specific non-linearity compensation (NLC) for enhanced SNR/THD performance
  • Audio filters for equalization and tuning
  • Predistortion algorithm for improved speaker THD performance
  • Support for electro-dynamic speaker (for a 2-way system) including required cross-over filters
  • Stand alone mode with autoconfiguration (EEPROM)
  • Support for battery operation (single supply)
  • Optional external supply usage for 1.8 V supply
  • Wide input clock range support (internal PLL)

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