Leda UC-P2120

Leda UC-P2120 is a power-efficient smart audio amplifier designed specifically for MEMS speaker-based audio systems. Compared to out-of-the-shelf amplifiers, it reduces the number of external components needed, thus providing more space for other functionalities, and optimises the overall power consumption. Leda has a digital I2S interface and configurable filter functions. Leda and our MEMS speakers are the perfect basis for a tiny yet high-performance audio module.

Leda UC-P2120 ASIC Product Brief



Energy Recovery System

The architecture of Leda stores the removed energy from the MEMS speaker instead of burning it, thus reducing the overall power consumption.


Due to its high flexibility, the smart audio amplifier can be used in a one-way or two-way audio system, host-based or stand-alone, in single or dual supply operation.

Audio filters for equalisation and frequency response tuning

With the inclusion of audio filters, the frequency response of Leda may be adjusted during the runtime, facilitating the highest quality and performance of the audio system.

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