MEMS Microspeakers

With their compact size, our MEMS microspeakers from the Ganymede family, are ideal for sophisticated earphone and headphone designs and modern wearables such as true-wireless headsets. Producing a crisp and vivid soundscape, they offer a yet unmatched accuracy of sound. As the perfect addition to traditional speakers, they can also be easily retrofitted into standard enclosures to improve treble or implement 3D-audio systems.



Full bandwidth can be achieved with a single MEMS speakers.


Easy integration into modern audio systems and MEMS microphones. It is also capable of operating as a piezo microphone.


MEMS speakers enable modern lightweight and ergonomic designs for wired earphones and TWS.


MEMS speakers produce clear and vibrant sound immersing the listener into their audio environment.


MEMS speakers for wearables and high-res audio

Adap MEMS speakers are ideal for free-field audio solutions such as wearables. Thanks to its small size and low weight, Adap offers maximum flexibility for outstanding designs approaches. Providing a wide bandwidth, it enables high-res audio applications. Adap produces tangible, clear and rich sound immersing the listener into their personal audio environment.

  • Enables 3D audio for VR/AR and gaming
  • Great bandwidth
  • Allows sleek designs for wearables due to miniature size
  • Improves speech intelligibility for smart eyewear
  • Enables high-res audio systems

Adap Reference designs


Proteus is a design for a powerful high-res audio system featuring MEMS speakers arrays. Proteus can be built in a variant with 40 MEMS speakers, and a variant with 80 MEMS speakers.


Danube is USound’s audio module for both augmented reality and virtual reality glasses as well as smart eyewear.


MEMS speakers for hearables

Achelous MEMS speakers are ideal for in-ear audio solutions such as wired earphones or true wireless systems (TWS). Thanks to its small size and low weight, Achelous, offers maximum flexibility for outstanding design approaches. Achelous produces vivid, clear and rich sound, immersing the listener into their persona audio environment.

  • Enables smaller and ligh weight audio systems
    for improved ergonomics and comfort
  • Great bandwidth
  • Improves wireless audio systems battery life

Achelous Reference designs

Megaclite 3.0

Our reference design for in-ear applications, Megaclite, is a leap forward in wired and wireless earphones – powered by our MEMS speaker Achelous.

Evaluation kits


Amalthea is a linear amplifier for piezoelectric speakers. Its frequency range goes up to 80kHz, and it can drive up to 40 Ganymede at once. Amalthea can be used with Carme, a speaker box designed to hold a USound’s Ganymede speakers. It is used to conveniently test the speaker’s performance.


Ananke is an evaluation board to test the performance of our MEMS speakers Achelous. It features analogue audio inputs and Bluetooth controller compliant to Bluetooth specification V4.1 with A2DP and HFP profiles. Additionally, the integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allows the user to configure digital filters.

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