Revolutionary Audio Eyewear powered by USound

Fauna audio glasses are powered by USound’s MEMS speaker Adap – in a lightweight, elegant design. With our two-way audio system integrated in each temple, Fauna produces vivid sound for music, audiobooks, and phone calls.

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Fauna audio eyewear in four different styles

Beautiful, high-end audio eyewear.

Optical lenses ready

As all electronics are solely in the right and left temples, manipulating the front and exchanging the lenses is easily facilitated by an optician.

Multi-layered sound

The free-field audio propagation enables the user to listen to their personal audio from the glasses while still hearing the sounds from their surroundings.

Modern and lightweight design

The small form factor of the speaker enables a stylish, lightweight design. The natural acetate gives the glasses a comfortable feel and fit.

Made to fit an active lifestyle

Fauna is splash-proof, comes with voice prompts, and fluid, capacitive touch controls on the temples. It can be worn every day, in the office or outdoors.

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