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Helike UA-E3010

Tap into the latest speaker technology for your audio project: Helike is a universal application platform for evaluating, rapid prototyping, and designing audio solutions using USound MEMS speaker technology. The board can be used as a stand-alone component but is also compatible with Raspberry Pi. It features open-source software as well as PC-based configuration software for acoustic tuning.


Compatible with Raspberry Pi

The board functions in stand-alone mode, as an extension to Raspberry Pi platform, or even as a USB soundcard connected to a mobile device or a PC via USB-C.

Integrations and applications

MEMS speaker amplifiers (MEMS AMP), electrodynamic speaker amplifiers (Dynamic AMP) as well as a differential amplifier (Differential AMP) are mounted on the PCB to work with a variety of applications. An output connector section is present to interface to these loads and applications.

Rapid Prototyping

The board can be used for designing new customer solutions, rapid prototyping, and evaluating several USound audio solutions. Additionally, equalization presets are available for the compatible USound products.

Extension kits

Ganymede MEMS speakers

Ganymede MEMS speakers

With their compact size, our MEMS microspeakers are ideal for sophisticated earphone and headphone designs and modern wearables such as true-wireless headsets.

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MEMS Speaker Array on a Flexible PCB

The sound stripe consists of 20 MEMS speakers. Thanks to its flexible structure and protective construction, it is ideal for applications where audio is added on top of an existing design.

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Danube 5.0 Audio module

Danube 5.0 Audio module

The Danube 5.0 audio module is an easy-to-use kit for rapid prototyping smart eyewear. It provides the best-in-class ratio between great audio performance and the ideal mechanical characteristics to design high-end audio glasses and AR/VR glasses.

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Technical Documentation


Helike UA-E3010 Product Brief


Helike UA-E3010 User Manual



It’s important to update regularly the Helike UA-E3010 firmware; we are continuously working on new features and compatibility.


DSP Firmware for Helike UA-E3010 – Latest update v3.2.4 – Jun 30, 2021

Audio device configuration for Helike UA-E3010 – Latest update v3.2.4 – Jun 16, 2022

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