Danube UAM-P2050

The Danube 5.0 audio module is an easy-to-use kit for rapid prototyping of smart eyewear. It provides the best-in-class ratio between audio performance and the required mechanical volume to enhance glasses with an appealing sound in a 2-way audio system, by combining a MEMS tweeter and an ED woofer. The module and its fixture are intended as a reference design for audio-enabled glasses, but can also be used as a demonstrator for other wearable applications. This module is an extension kit of the development board Helike UA-E3010.

Danube UAM-P2050 product brief



Two-way audio system for high sound quality. The module includes USound MEMS speaker Adap as a tweeter and a 15 x 8 x 2.5 mm electrodynamicspeaker as a woofer.

The module features a wide audio bandwidth (300 Hz–20 kHz) and delivers a High SPL at small space consumption.

Our patented dipole configuration and optimized acoustic design enables maximum audio privacy over a wide bandwidth.

Easy-to-use fixing mechanism for
reproducible positioning and measurements. The modules are symmetrical and can be mounted on both sides of the test glasses.

Customisation services

Our team of acoustic engineers can help you to design an audio module that not only delivers high-performance audio, but that also adapts to the most creative industrial designs.

Development board
Helike UA-E3010

Helike UA-E3010 is a universal application platform for evaluating, rapid prototyping and designing audio solutions using USound MEMS speaker technology. The stand-alone board is also compatible with Raspberry Pi. It features an open-source software as well as PC based configuration software for acoustic tuning.

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