Conamara MEMS speakers

Conamara was specifically developed for miniaturized audio devices, such as USB earphones or true wireless earphones (TWS). The Conamara features a round form, is IPX8 waterproof at component level. Conamara’s waterproof capabilities reduce the complexity of manufacturing waterproof consumer electronics and simplify the integration.

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Designed for TWS

The thin and round form factor of 1.3 mm of the Conamara MEMS speaker takes up significantly less space, freeing up space for other components and offering higher design flexibility.

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Integration Flexibility

The small size of USound Conamara MEMS speakers, combined with reflow soldering capabilities, enables automatic pick and place assembly process reducing production costs.

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High-res bandwidth

With high bandwidth and low power consumption, the Conamara MEMS speakers deliver above-class audio performance.

IPX8 certified

IPX8 certified

The Conamara MEMS speaker can be safely submerged up to 3 meters for about 30 minutes, opening new application possibilities close to water or even underwater.

Spatial audio

Due to USound’s MEMS speakers extended bandwidth, small form factor, and MEMS motor accuracy, spatial audio can be easily implemented in true wireless stereo earbuds.


USound’s Conamara MEMS speakers are perfect for miniaturized devices with high component density. With a thinner loudspeaker, more space is available for a larger battery or a bigger PCB. And with a smaller loudspeaker, the industrial design is more flexible and allows for bolder ID.

Save space with the thinnest speaker

The ultra-thin and round form factor of Conamara enables miniaturization and modularization, saving space for other sensors and components, making it possible to enhance your design with add-on features.

Conamara is SMT reflow compatible, enabling fully automatic assembly of audio products to achieve the highest quality and performance.

Crafted with the best-in-class ratio between acoustic performance and thickness

USound’s cutting-edge technology enables MEMS-based microspeakers with outstanding precision and manufacturing repeatability. This technical innovation makes Conamara MEMS speakers the ideal loudspeakers for high-performing True Wireless Stereo earbuds (TWS) designs, where superb audio accuracy and Hi-Res audio are desired.

Conamara Ø 6 mm UA-C0601-2F


Resonance frequency: 1.9 kHz
Capacity: 22 nF
Size: ⌀ 6 x 1.35 mm

Acoustics in coupler (IEC 60318-4)
SPL @ 250 Hz / 10 VP : 114 dB
THD @ 250 Hz / 94 dB: 0.25%

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 858342.