Ananke 3.0

MEMS speakers evaluation set

The Ananke UA-E 1030 evaluation board is a digital MEMS speaker evaluation board that enables signal chain prototyping and the development of in-ear and MEMS speaker applications.

This evaluation kit is your first step into the world of piezo MEMS speakers. It allows you to test our Ganymede MEMS speakers and work with them by programming custom audio filters.


  • Drives MEMS-based earphone with distinct sound performance
  • Stereo amplifier for Ganymede MEMS speakers
  • Analog audio inputs
  • DSP (programmable with analog devices programmer)
USound Ananke evaluation board for Ganymede MEMS speakers

Kit content

  • Ananke 3.0 evaluation board
  • USound earphones
  • 5 V power supply
  • 3.5 mm stereo jack cable
  • Ear tips in different sizes

The DSP programming board is not included in the Ananke UA-E 1030 set.


Ananke 3.0 UA-E1030 DSP Programming User Manual


Ananke 3.0 UA-E1030 Quick User Manual


TalkThrough DSP Programming Sample Program