+Explore MEMS technology

We are explorers, we are curious minds, we share a passion for creating and experimenting. This is why we want to give you access to USound’s MEMS technology to explore new ways of using it for your DIY audio tech projects.

+Rapid prototyping with MEMS speakers

Tap into the latest speaker technology. Helike is a universal application platform for evaluating, rapid prototyping and designing audio solutions using USound MEMS speaker technology. The stand-alone board is also compatible with Raspberry Pi. It features an open source software as well as a PC based configuration software for acoustic tuning.

+ Crank up your DIY game

Build your dream Hi-Fi system with MEMS speakers

Proteus is a design for a powerful speaker array based on our Ganymede MEMS microspeakers. Originally created to explore the possibilities of arranging a large quantity of Ganymede speakers in arrays, it is now a fully fledged and working speaker, boasting clear and crisp audio. Proteus can be built in a variant with 40 MEMS speakers, and a variant with 80 MEMS speakers.

Stay tuned