World Hearing Day To listen for life hear with care

World Hearing Day 2022: To hear for life, listen with care

March 3, 2022

More than 1 billion young people (12-35 years old) are at risk for hearing loss due to recreational exposure to loud sounds. To raise awareness for the implications of hearing loss due to unsafe contact with high volumes and continued exposure, the World Health Organization (WHO) has established the World Hearing Day on March 3rd.…

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Men wearing fauna audio glasses

Acoustic privacy in audio glasses: how to make sure another person doesn’t overhear the user’s phone calls

October 22, 2021

The aim of this article is to discuss the topic of acoustic privacy in audio applications, specifically in audio glasses. With earphones, this obviously becomes trivial: intra-aural earphones seal the loudspeaker into the ear canal by means of the silicon tip, which naturally offers high isolation. Intra-concha earphones do not have a sealed front volume,…

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USound MEMS speakers Conamara Ganymede

Whitepaper: Active Linearization Algorithm for USound MEMS Speakers

August 25, 2021

Low distortion at high SPL are the main requests every acoustical engineer has on every audio product; this is especially true for miniature speakers where size is limited. USound MEMS speakers are not immune to this area of conflict. This whitepaper describes the Active Linearization Algorithm (ALA), a signal processing method of improving USound MEMS…

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How to measure USound MEMS loudspeakers

July 30, 2021

USound currently offers two MEMS loudspeakers that are part of the Ganymede series: Adap UT-P2019 and Achelous UT-P2018. Adap is optimized towards maximum acceleration, making it ideal for free-field applications, whereas Achelous is optimized towards maximum excursion, making it especially suitable for occluded-ear applications. Therefore, USound MEMS loudspeakers can be evaluated in both acoustic domains:…

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USound’s approach to smart speaker design

July 21, 2021

Our goal at USound has always been to empower engineers with an audio component that enables them to unleash their creativity and stand out with their product designs. The thin form factor and wide bandwidth of USound MEMS speakers enable the miniaturization of the audio module of consumer electronics, allowing more space for other components…

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Inherent characteristics of USound MEMS speakers

June 15, 2021

Most components in consumer electronics are silicon-based. The last component that is still manufactured traditionally is the loudspeaker — until now. USound is leading the revolution of the global speaker market, being the first company to introduce MEMS loudspeakers to the mass market. The thin form factor and wide bandwidth of USound MEMS speakers enable…

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Rapid prototyping with MEMS speakers

April 8, 2021

To speed up the process of bringing your concept of a MEMS speakers-based audio system to reality, we designed two development platforms: Amalthea UA-R3010 and Helike UA-E3010. This article will walk you through the essentials of rapid prototyping with MEMS speakers and provide an overview of the expansion kits available. If your goal is to…

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