Ganymede, Taygete, and Amalthea — Why USound Chooses such Exotic Names for their Products

Did you know that Ganymede was a divine hero from Troy, said to be one of the most beautiful of all mortals and so loved by the Greek gods, that he become their cup-bearer on Olympus? If you’re a mythology nerd, you probably do. If not, you’re perhaps a fan of astronomy and know that Ganymede is also Jupiter’s largest moon and, at the same time, the ninth-largest object in the solar system. Furthermore, it is the largest stellar body we know that does not have a substantial atmosphere. That’s a lot of superlatives there, isn’t it?

But what does all of this have to do with USound’s MEMS speaker, which is also called Ganymede?
Now, our management and engineers are not only great at what they’re doing, but they also dig astronomy, science fiction (hey, we’re all big Star Wars and Star Trek fans here!), and fantasy.

So, when the first prototype of the first USound product was finished, they called it “Moon” – a beautiful epiphany that lights up our night-time skies and has created awe and inspired stories since the beginning of time. Everybody loved the name, and when it came to naming the next products, we stayed with stellar bodies – and mythology.

Because we believe, that sound and especially music, just like the stories of old, transport so many reminiscences and emotions. Music makes us laugh and cry and contemplate because it is something so mysterious and mystical and yet so tangible and close to our heart and soul.

That’s why Ganymede, the beautiful hero and cup-bearer of the gods, is now our most advanced and super small 4.7 x 6.7 x 1.6 mm MEMS speaker.

Taygete, another Jupiter satellite as well as a nymph and companion of the Greek hunter goddess Artemis is our fascinating 3D audio reference design with 14 MEMS micro-speakers inside.

Megaclite, yet another Jupiter moon, is also one of Zeus’s fair lovers – and our reference design for USB-C earphones.

Amalthea, the third moon of Jupiter and one of Zeus’s foster mothers, is the general mono amplifier board for all our devices.