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How to measure USound MEMS loudspeakers

July 30, 2021

USound currently offers two MEMS loudspeakers that are part of the Ganymede series: Adap UT-P2019 and Achelous UT-P2018. Adap is optimized towards maximum acceleration, making it ideal for free-field applications, whereas Achelous is optimized towards maximum excursion, making it especially suitable for occluded-ear applications. Therefore, USound MEMS loudspeakers can be evaluated in both acoustic domains:…

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Rapid prototyping with MEMS speakers

April 8, 2021

To speed up the process of bringing your concept of a MEMS speakers-based audio system to reality, we designed two development platforms: Amalthea UA-R3010 and Helike UA-E3010. This article will walk you through the essentials of rapid prototyping with MEMS speakers and provide an overview of the expansion kits available. If your goal is to…

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USound MEMS speakers vs electrodynamic speakers

Why USound MEMS speakers outperform electrodynamic and balanced armature micro speakers

March 25, 2021

Most consumer electronics nowadays use traditional electrodynamic speakers. They consist of a magnet, a voice coil, a diaphragm and a support structure/enclosure. This working principle limits the minimum height that can be achieved with such a loudspeaker. The diaphragm’s suspension solely controls the mechanical behaviour, as electrodynamic microspeakers typically lack the centering spider of larger…

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USound MEMS speaker integration with pogo pins

Mechanical and electrical integration of USound MEMS speakers

March 18, 2021

One of the significant advantages of MEMS speakers is the possibility to be easily integrated into a wide variety of products. Due to the very small form factor, MEMS speakers can be used in technologies requiring more minimal designs, such as TWS, audio glasses and ultrasound applications. This article will go through some essential aspects…

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USound headphones

USound’s MEMS speakers extreme bandwidth technology

March 17, 2021

In this article, I want to focus on one particular feature that we haven’t discussed: our extreme bandwidth technology (XBW). We use our XBW (extreme bandwidth) technology to increase the range of sounds that the loudspeaker can reproduce. Our Ganymede MEMS speakers can play higher frequencies than conventional loudspeakers and produces higher SPL at ultra-high…

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