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Personal acoustic pleasure

It is difficult to walk on the street without seeing at least one earphone user. This popular accessory is due to become even more prevalent in its wireless form thanks to the success of the Apple AirPods or the new hearable product category. With their large bandwidth and high-quality bass, USound’s speakers are the best candidates to create desirable sound signatures. Click here to find out more about our products.


Discovering a new sound experience

Headphones can be as discreet as the smallest on-ear products, or as imposing as the reference over-the-ear ones. They are as much about making a statement to the outside world, as about providing the best sound to the user. There is thus a need for the best sound quality in the smallest factor, so that designers can turn their dreams into reality, without negatively impacting the acoustics. USound’s micro-tweeters are easily integrated in any volumes to improve the trebles of the headphone. Click here to find out more about our products.

Coming soon

More magic to your ears

USound is currently ramping up production of its first products, and the pipeline includes different form factors and bandwidths to address the sundry other applications. Find out more about our products and reference designs or follow us on LinkedIn for updates.