Fauna audio eyewear produces vivid sound - powered by USound MEMS technology.


Advantages of Free Field Applications

Compared to Traditional Electrodynamic and Balanced Armature Loudspeakers

MEMS speakers provide unique features and compelling advantages compared to electrodynamic and balanced armature speakers.
The application-specific advantages of MEMS speakers must be separated into two main kinds of applications: Free field and occluded ear applications. In this article, we will focus on free field applications.
We refer to free field applications as systems in which the speaker is placed outside the ear and the ear is free to capture sound coming from sources other than just the loudspeaker itself. For the applications, the small form factor is not suitable for full bandwidth applications. Nevertheless, MEMS speakers offer unique advantages such as acting as a high audio quality tweeter with extended bandwidth in the ultrasonic region (up to 80kHz).