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The InSound product category is targeted at sealed earphones. With a similar form factor as traditional balanced-armature receivers used in high-end in-ear monitors, but without the reliability and cost issues, those devices will enable the next generation of hearables and earphones.


- Moon datasheet



With its compact size, a NearSound speaker is the perfect addition to a traditional speaker. Easily retrofitted into standard enclosures, designers can improve trebles or implement 3D-audio solutions.


- Ganymede datasheet



USound is currently finalising the design of its first FreeSound devices. Expected to be prototyped in 2018, they will replace and improve on standard microspeakers.




Reference Design

To evaluate the MicroSound technology platform and facilitate product development, USound offers various reference designs.


Pasiphae (Moon-based standard earphone)
- Pasiphae datasheet

Megaclite (Moon-based USB-C earphone)
- Megaclite datasheet

Ananke (amplifier board for MicroSound devices with BlueTooth and DSP)
- Ananke Amplifer datasheet


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